If you've ever seen one of those "all pink" shelfies on Instagram, you've likely seen Saturday Skin front and center. Their millennial pink Insta-worthy packaging has suckered us all in, but Saturday Skin is not a hip millennial gimmick! Their signature ingredient behind every formula is their very own Cha-7 es Complex, a peptide formula that supposedly supports regeneration in the skin. Created by the expert scientists of CHAUM, an Anti-Aging/Beauty & Wellness center in Seoul, Saturday Skin already has extreme credibility. 

As much as I fall into the trap that I need a product based on beautiful packaging, I have not yet tried anything from Saturday Skin's line. I was excited to receive this product to review via Octoly because it's a brand new product that had only just hit the shelves, and I knew I wouldn't have any bias based on prior experience with their other skincare products. Saturday Skin's other popular products include an essence, a cleanser, a moisturizing cream, and a peel gel, just to name a few. Their line so far isn't too extensive, and this is their first and only water cream. 

Key Ingredients

  • Alaska Glacier Water
  • Xpertmoist
  • Iceland Moss
  • Cha-7 es Complex

First Impressions

The box is smaller than I expected and fits the tub perfectly. It also came with a sample of their Freeze Frame Beauty Essence and a Saturday Skin pink sticker. How cute! I opened the tub and was sad to see that some of the cream had leaked through the rim of the cap. Very little product was wasted but I was a little bummed to see this. I tested it for the first time the following morning using the tip of my Makeup Drop instead of my fingers. The gel texture is really nice and helped with how easily it absorbed into my skin. I don't always like using the Makeup Drop applicator for moisturizers - it's way too difficult with thicker formulas like my favorite night moisturizer, Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich. It's a silicone applicator, designed to work like a makeup sponge without wasting product and collecting bacteria. It's a genius product, but it takes some extra work sometimes to really blend and absorb product. However, the Waterfall Glacier Cream feels like it was MADE to be used with Makeup Drop. Lightweight is an understatement. It's lighter than lightweight. It's refreshing, cooling, and not greasy at all. My skin ate it right up. 

Overall Thoughts

If you're looking for a lightweight moisturizer for the summer, it's this one. It's supposedly great for all skin types and it wears great under makeup. The price point isn't too ridiculous, and I do think it's a good investment. It claims to combat dryness, dark circles and puffiness, and loss of firmness and elasticity. It does exactly what it says! It's packed with minerals and natural anti-aging ingredients. My skin is usually quite dull and dry by the evening and while using this I have noticed that the soft, smooth skin I get from using the Waterfall Glacier Cream in the morning, sticks with me pretty well throughout the day and into the evening. 

Saturday Skin Waterfall Glacier Cream is $39 and can be purchased here.


- L