After seeing these two products on Instagram over and over again, I knew I had to try them out. But honestly, Dior's skincare line intimidated the crap out of me. Was it the fact that so much of their products were in the hundred dollar range? Or my assumption that this was the kind of skincare real adults who have their shit together use? So many of Dior's products have been sitting on my wishlist for some time, but not their skincare - just their coveted makeup products like the Airflash Foundation and Lip Glow.

Both the Glow Booster Serum* and Age Delay Advanced Crème* retail at $95 for 30ml (Serum) and 50ml (Crème) worth of product. The creme uses iris extract which is often used in anti-aging skincare products to target fine lines, wrinkles, and overall skin dullness. The Glow Booster Serum also targets dullness via iris extract, along with actives such as Vitamin C and AHA to brighten the skin. The full ingredients list is very hard to find anywhere online and it wasn't listed on the box which I found off-putting. It's super shady when brands aren't transparent about what they're putting in their products. It should be noted that both products are not fragrance-free. 


Let's start with the Glow Booster! It arrived first, so I had a couple days to test it out on its own. The sleek glass bottle had me swooning at how beautiful it is. Whether I liked the product or not, I knew I'd want to keep this one sitting on my vanity because it's too pretty to be put away in the beauty cabinet! The serum itself is wet and runny, and it absorbs pretty fast. It honestly smells way too heavily fragranced, and light fragrances in products don't typically bother my nose or my skin. After using this product over time, I'm still not used to the scent. It's extremely floral and overpowering. But hey, some may say that's luxurious! I did notice my skin being a bit brighter, but not exactly enough to make it worth $95. The Age-Delay Advanced Crème arrived about five days later, and I feel like I had a total enlightenment. I was like, "Okay, I get it now". The texture is soft, and not too thick. The fragrance is similar to the Glow Booster but just a bit toned down. Still annoying, but I could look past it based on the results. Using the Glow Booster mixed with the Age-Delay Advanced Crème gave my skin instant radiance and dewiness. It was brighter and smoother and I was loving it.

Overall Thoughts

Are they worth the almost $200 price tag? Probably not. I enjoyed them but a product better have liquid gold in it to be worth that price. There are definitely equally as good, if not better, products like this on the market. But these two do have their place if you're looking for a solid anti-aging duo that just happens to be bougie and look gorgeous on your nightstand (and I totally support that reasoning. We've all been there). If you're considering either of these products from Dior's Capture Youth line, I would definitely purchase them together. Alone, these products were good, the Crème standing out over the two, but together, they showed beautiful results. You could layer the serum underneath the crème, but I would recommend mixing them together. 


- L


*products were received complimentary for consideration, but all opinions are my own.