Now that we’re deep into summer (and 95 degree weather here on the east coast) I’m slimming down on all the junk I carry in my tiny bag. It feels amazing to be able to carry only a purse and ditch the giant backpack with the semester being well over. Putting together a what's in my bag post was one of the things I was most looking forward to when starting this blog. I’ve always loved watching and reading about what my favorite celebs and influencers carry on them from day to day. It’s such a personal and fun peek into a person’s daily life! So here goes.

I’m currently using my Chloe Faye bag in the small size. I recently got this baby secondhand from Fashionphile and I’m in love! It arrived practically brand new, with the original dust bag, and buying it pre-loved saved me $400. The RealReal is also a super popular secondhand luxury consignment shop, great for purchasing handbags. I would definitely trust them and Fashionphile when it comes to buying bags like this one! The bag has 3 compartments, the main/middle one being the largest for my wallet and phone. It’s the perfect size bag for everyday and works from day to night. I absolutely love the look of the Chloe Faye and I think it’s the perfect fit for my personal style.

I try to carry as little as possible from day to day. I always have my wallet (duh) and earbuds, because obvi. I’m currently carrying my two favorite lipsticks, Chanel Rouge Coco in Gabrielle, which is my favorite classic red lip (you never know when you’ll need it), and Colourpop Blotted Lip in Candy Floss, which has basically become my everyday shade. I limit how many lipsticks I keep on me at a given time because they’re so easy to lose track off and they might fall into the black hole that is a woman’s purse. I keep my trusty Glossier Boy Brow with me, obviously for brow touch ups. I could use this product in my sleep, that’s how simple it is to use, so of course it’s perfect for on the go. Also from Glossier, I love their perfume, You. I was ecstatic when they came out with a little solid version so I could carry it with me all the time. And the pebble design is like an adult fidget spinner, I’m always playing with it.

I always carry a lip balm on me, usually the one from Le Labo or one from Glossier. As long as it comes in a trusty little tube I can throw in and out of my bag, I’m sold. Le Labo’s lip balm is amazing because it’s just so simple - it’s unscented, does the job with no frills or gimmicks. I was recently sent from Lilah Beauty their Divine Duo for Lip + Cheek in b.lovely. I only use it on my cheeks, and it’s the easiest to use for an effortless flush of color on the go. I’m seriously in love with this product and will buy it again and again because of how simple it is! I always carry a hand cream since I wash my hands all the time and they get super dry. For summer, I’m carrying Chanel’s hand cream because it’s a super lightweight formula and smells light and fresh. Most of my hand creams are a lot thicker and heavier so this is the perfect one for hot weather.

One of my favorite steps of my skincare routine is one I can take with me - Caudalie’s Beauty’s Elixir. I remember reading about it on Into the Gloss in an article about their favorite “useless” products and the writer saying there’s just something about the scent and the way it feels on the skin that’s intoxicating! I totally agree. While I wouldn’t call it a useless product because it does a great job of soothing and awakening the skin, it doesn’t have a set position or job that you can’t use it almost anywhere in your routine whether it be at the start, finish or simply in the middle of the day. I always use my big bottle of it when I’m doing my morning and night skincare, but my travel size bottle comes with me whenever I need it. 

My sunnies (that miraculously somehow don’t get crushed) are from Urban Outfitters and my glasses are from Felix Gray. They’re specifically made to block out the harsh blue light our devices give off, which causes eye strain. Between Instagramming, blogging, and my job requiring me to be on my phone and laptop all day, I couldn’t live without these babies!

Aaaaand that’s all, besides the obvious wallet, keys, and heaps of receipts, straw wrappers and change lying at the bottom of my bag! 


- L